Installing antivirus in your device makes it more safe and secure.

AhnLab V3 Internet Security is an antivirus that stands out for its protection, performance and usability. This antivirus software offers different security options, such as web and email protection, designed to provide first-time protection for Windows. Not only can you counteract viruses, but it also blocks malicious programs and websites with malware.

AhnLab V3 Internet Security, with web and mail protection

AhnLab V3 Internet Security offers solid protection against viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. Thanks to the AhnLab Smart Defence and DNS Scan technology, you will get protection in real time without the risk of false positives. On the other hand, the True Find function offers another layer of extra protection, which detects and eliminates even the most hidden root kits. While browsing the Internet, AhnLab V3 blocks phishing sites and filters URLs so as not to provide personal information to malicious websites. The personal firewall, included for free in ZoneAlarm Free, prevents intruders from accessing your network; guaranteeing a complete protection against malicious elements that try to enter your system.

Another security feature present in AhnLab V3 Internet Security, and with which very few Antivirus counts, is the protection against malicious emails. To do this, it performs real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing email attachments. As a user, you can create your own list of keywords and filter emails to block spam and protect you from phishing attacks. In addition, it has two secure erase functions; one to erase all temporary files, records and other data that are not used, in order to improve the performance of the system; the other, to erase confidential files and files immediately. The latter eliminates all traces with a multi-step overwriting algorithm, which prevents data recovery programs such as DMDE from finding your confidential information. On the other hand, AhnLab V3 Internet Security 8.0 scans the USB ports in order to protect your PC by blocking auto run files.

News and main functions

More than for the domestic protection, AhnLab V3 Internet Security 8.0 has been designed to safeguard the data of the Companies. For this, it offers the following new functions:

• Compatibility with the IPv6 Firewall (the most recent Internet protocol), in order to prevent network intruders.

• Self-protection against vulnerabilities.

• New ASD Engine and DNA Scan Engine for a better system scan.

• Prevents automatic executions of programs.

• Optional Proxy ID / PW configurations.

Despite not being a free Antivirus, it offers a 30-day trial version to test all its functions. AhnLab V3 Internet Security is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Its interface is only available in English and Korean. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security earns top marks for its malware-detection abilities as well as offers a solid set of privacy, antivirus, as well as security tools that match with other top Android antivirus apps.

Advantages of using AhnLab Antivirus

• Provides fast protection to your device: Tap "Start Security Scan" on the main screen to begin a scan of your installed apps. The app rapidly checks for potentially nasty software. To have AhnLab V3 Mobile Security also check files as well as folders and look for potentially unwanted apps (those that aren't necessarily malware but may display unwanted ads, for example, or collect private data), you need to start those scans in settings in the app.

• High results on malware detection: The security-app test organization gives AhnLab V3 Mobile Security top scores in malware recognition as well as usability.

• It has a solid collection of free tools: With the free version of AhnLab antivirus, you can scan your device for malware, review privacy settings for overreaching consent desires, as well as scan URLs and QR codes for phishing attempts.

Disadvantages of using AhnLab Antivirus

• It doesn't scan app download: The app doesn't monitor app installation on Android. You need to start a manual scan to check for and then get rid of malicious apps.

• It includes Brute-force permissions: During setup, the app asks you to accept two sets of permissions it labels "Required" for basic security as well as "Additional" for advanced protection. This has made it very much complicated to assess the AhnLab antivirus also the app doesn't have access to your contacts until all the permissions are accepted.

AhnLab Antivirus support number

The user may face any problem any time while using the AhnLab antivirus. In order to provide the best customer assistance, AhnLab customer support number is available to assist you in the best possible way. The AhnLab customer helpline number is available 24x7 to assist you with the best possible remedies for the issues generated while using the AhnLab antivirus. The technicians at the AhnLab customer service centre will listen to your problem calmly and provide you the best solutions as soon as possible.

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