What to do when the printer does not print well

It seems that some printers have a kind of evil brain in the space left between the sheet feeder and the output tray: they always start to print poorly or directly to stop printing, just when you need them most. It seems that they know when you are going to go with the appropriate time to deliver a job or to get the statement of accounts moments before the meeting of the ladder. They print blank lines, patches appear that make the text unreadable, or what a nice Disney was drawing to colour your child is more like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Like almost everything in this life, these problems usually have a solution, so we will see below the most common reasons why these printing errors can occur in your canon printer and how to solve them.

When the printer prints poorly
Many times the canon printer prints, but not with the quality we want. Or directly, quality does not exist as much in the white lines as in the spots. The main culprits in these cases are usually ink and heads, although for several reasons. We are going to discover them.

Lack of ink
Something quite obvious, but if the printer prints badly it may be because it does not have ink to do it correctly. Although years ago it was the main problem every time our printer printed badly, now it almost does not happen. This is because today, when the printer software detects that little ink is left, or rather, when a certain amount of prints passes through a large amount of remaining ink, it refuses directly to print, that shows us an error in the printer or on the screen.

For this reason, it is unlikely that if you have trouble printing correctly it may be because you have little or lots of ink: long before it runs out, your printer will already ask you to replace the cartridges.

With laser printers, this does not happen and most cases in which the printer does not print correctly are due to a lack of charge on the toner.

Jam in the heads
This problem must be first in the list, since most of the times that empty areas appear in our prints, it is due to a jam in the printheads, often caused by the accumulation of dry ink in them, because they carry long time.

Some printer models periodically clean heads to keep them in perfect condition, even if the printer is not being used. Otherwise, if this happens, you will have no choice but to clean the heads on your own. Remember: this way of cleaning the heads consumes large quantities of ink and if you do it several times in a row you can run out of ink in the cartridges

So if face any of issue with cannon printer then call at our canon printer phone number and find out the solution.

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