Most common problems with the printer and how to solve them

Printers are our great allies and silent work partners, always willing to make our work easier and more productive, until at the most unexpected moment they stop responding.

In these cases the normal thing is to lose nerves, but to avoid panic, in this post we tell you some steps to solve the most common errors in canon printers.
1. The paper jams in the printed one.

In an entry we talked more in detail about this problem. When this happens, do not follow your instinct and pull the paper, as it could break and stay inside, as well as spoil the internal components of the printer. Almost all printers have a hatch on the top by which to open the printer and take out the paper carefully, it is advisable to consult the instruction manual of the printer.

To avoid a paper jam inside the printer, check that the sheets are not curled and that they can be inserted correctly into the machine. Or call at our canon printer support helpline and find out the best solution.

2. The printer does not turn on.
The first thing you should do is check the condition of the cable that connects to the power supply. You can disconnect it from both parts and reconnect it in case it has loosened. If it is not the first time this problem occurs with the cable it is a good time to call Canon's technical service and have it replaced by a better one.

If it is not a cable problem, check that the power button is not stuck and that it is working normally.

3. Misalignment of lines and colours in the prints.
If the impressions show unattractive lines, go to the control panel of your computer, select printing preferences, or printer properties, look for the section related to the maintenance of the printer that causes the problem and click on the option 'alignment of heads' or 'head cleaning' and follow the instructions that are indicated.

4. The device does not recognize the printer.
Check if the problem is caused by the USB cable, and if the cable or connector is damaged, replace them. If the printer is wireless, you should check that the network does not experience problems. On the other hand, the problem could arise from the printer driver, which is outdated or absent. To fix it, search the Internet for the latest Windows or Mac driver for your printer model and download it.

5. Error message or alarms.

If the printer has a screen, read the message shown on it and follow the instructions. If instead of the screen, the printer warns of error by bells or warnings led, see the manual of printing to know what type of problem refers to each frequency of alarms.
If you cannot find the solution to your problem, do not hesitate to contact us, at our canon printer support which is toll free. We have a great technical service offered at our canon printer support by great professionals of the sector.

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