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If you are a professional using mobile devices, or simply travelling, and using a digital recorder or smart phone to capture your notes, use Dragon's powerful transcription features to convert your recordings into text easily, quickly and accurately. Dragon can even write out what somebody else has previously recorded into audio files or podcasts, in order to maximize suppleness and increase productivity.

Capture ideas anytime, anywhere

Dragon travels with you. You often miss the best ideas if you do not catch them while you have them fresh. Using a Dragon, detain your information wherever you go and then write out them involuntarily.

Speak and make your notes and other papers. Record voice notes to write out later. Change podcasts or the voice of a particular user into written words. Dragon works just like you.

Transform your voice files into text with ease. Transfer the audio files of a single user to your PC or Mac and generate a transcript written by Dragon. Simply record, transfer and transcribe.

A dictation solution from Dragon mobile devices offers many options to work as you wish in order to optimize productivity when you are not in front of your desk.

Transcription with Dragon is a business

Thousands of corporations make use of Dragon as transcript software for single-voice recordings in order to raise productivity and decrease transcription costs. Powerful Dragon transcription features change recorded audio files into write out documents instantly, so you no longer require transcribing from scratch or relying on outside services.

Speed up transcription. The automatic transcript folder agent of Dragon supervise the flow of write out text and coordinated audio of digital voice recordings, in order to optimize the amendment and alteration by third parties. Just drag and drop any audio file into the automatic transcript folder agent of Dragon and it will be transcribed to text automatically.

Add to competence the support staff can reconsider the draft of a write out document in its place of typing the complete document from scrape, which permits dropping the delivery times of the documents.

Increase productivity Use a digital recorder to capture notes when you are not in front of your desk in order to transcribe them later with Dragon.

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