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If you are in the phase of looking for a new professional printer, a new world of options opens up before your eyes at our support helpline.Changing the printer or purchasing a new model is a great exercise in the search and comparison of machines. It takes a lot of time, not only in visiting stores or knowing suppliers but in understanding the advantages of various printers and new models.

Difference between office printer and professional office printer: At our support helpline, you will be able to know the difference between printers. There are notable differences between a standard office printer and a professional office printer.The basis of this differentiation is in the management of tasks and in the conception, we have of what and what is not a printer. Thus, the common thing is to think of them as the tool that allows us to obtain documents or copies (also scanning the most advanced ones), without looking for another utility or without being able to use them for something else.That "something more" that we can look for or not, is what we offer professional printers, conceived as a centre of document management rather than as an instrument to obtain printed. So that their functions can help us, from protecting information to creating a digital file in the cloud accessible from any device with a password. What are the most interesting features that make the difference between a printer and a professional photocopier? All these features are provided in Epson printer.

Traditional to Advanced era : Epson has grown very fastly. Far are those times when they had a device that only printed, hopefully if it had ink in colour. Epson had another machine that scanned and a third to make photocopies, only in the most advantaged environments.The new models introduced a major change. They stopped using the ink cartridges to move on to using the toner. On the other hand, it should be noted that innovation in multifunctional equipment does not stop developing and it is true that, if you define your needs well, you can find solutions in the market that will help you to be more autonomous.

Now, Epson has introduced printers for home as well as for offices with new features.

New Features:
1) Printing to different qualities-We can instruct the printer to take the first sheet of the tray where the paper with a higher grammage is, and the rest from another tray where we have the standardized paper.
2) Touch screen-A large touch screen makes the task easier and makes the traditional step of previously making the necessary orders from the computer unnecessary, saving time and gaining in comfort.
3) Cloud computing-It is now possible to send and print documents remotely, to make them available to anyone who wishes, or even send them or receive them via mobile.
4) Intrusion-proof security- Epson high-end printers have an encryption and blocking system that prevents anyone from accessing their hard drives, as well as print modes that require a password to enter from their touch screen. At our online store, there is variety of “Epson Printers” with new and advanced features. For further query, you can contact on our toll-free number.

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