FSB Antivirus-Detect New Threats in your Computer

FSB Antivirus detects new threats that are not covered by many other viruses. In addition to testing Procedure, known as classical, the FSB Antivirus includes almost everything of better technology for viral analysis. It is an ideal tool of prevention protection and effective solution against cyber risks.

FSB Antivirus is a new technology made to fight against new threats, and protection is all about efficiency. It is a highly effective antivirus that is able to safeguard you against all manner of threats such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, and malicious scripts. This antivirus has a strong series of proactive tools to keep you safe online. This antivirus is essential security software that prevents viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats from infecting your PC. It includes useful security tools that work well and keep your system safe.

Features of FSB Antivirus:

• Malware detection and removal.

• Secure network.

• Email protection.

• Real time protection.

• Comprehensive security.

• Safe computer program.

• Safe browsing technology.

• Good parental control.

• Provide protection against various malware, spyware, viruses and other online attacks.

Antivirus Installation and Uninstallation:

Some important steps for FSB AntivirusInstallation:

1. Installation FSB Antivirus software.

2. Double click on the installer to begin the installation process.

3. Follow the wizard to install the software.

4. During the installation process, FSB Antivirus will run an initial scan to make sure your system is clean.

5. Wait until installation is complete.

6. You can now select “finish’ finalizing the installation.

7. Install and run the FSB Antivirus Software.


1. Click start, select setting, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double click the add/remove programs or add/remove programs icon.

3. Click the exiting antivirus program you wish to uninstall, then click the change/remove or remove button.

4. Follow the on-screen instruction to remove the FSB Antivirus software.

5. Then restart your system.


1. Open the FSB Antivirus, you can find it on your task bar or in start menu.

2. Click on “option’ on the top of the window.

3. Enable live Update then click on “apply”.

4. Now all the updates will be downloaded.

5. Your FSB Antivirus update complete successfully.


FSB Antivirus Setup Downloader is tool that facilitates smart and efficient download of its products. Setup wizard suggest participation in FSB Antivirus, if you participate in the program, then you receive information about new threats, detected on your computer.


FSB Antivirus helps to detect viruses, threats, spyware and other online attacks. Customer service is also more helpful to their users for solving the problem regarding FSB Antivirus. Users can easily share their issues with them, and FSB Antivirus experts always try to help you with find out the accurate and efficient solution. It is good antivirus software which keeps your computer safe and secure through the threats and online frauds.

Customer Support:

FSB Antivirus offers a customer support system that’s only available during standard working hours. If you have any question or need help with your FSB Antivirus security program, the company’s free live support available. This includescontact number, helpline number, so you can talk with someone and share your issues easily with them.

Customer Service

FSB Antivirus provides a customer service to their users, for solving the issues and find out the accurate solution of the problem. They assists you to upgrade the outdated version of antivirus and make sure that you get enhanced protection against spyware, worms, adware, bots, and other harmful frauds. It also provides you customer service number and helpline to get immediate and effective solutions to the cause. The team of experts will help to obtain the best result to their users.

For resolving errors of your computer as well as regarding this antivirus, call at customer service number quickly.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-546-2309 for any help

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