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The power of the IBM product, ViaVoice Pro, lies not only in the ability to dictate directly in most Windows applications, but also in the ability to direct our computer through voice commands. We can, for example, manage our e-mail, surf the Web or even get full help on the use of the program itself, using only our voice. Its management is also very intuitive, and it is possible to easily access all the options of the program through a toolbar that is initially located at the top of the screen and contains a complete menu with which to carry out any task we need. The possibility of placing this toolbar on any side of the screen.

Obviously, before we can use the application, we will need to install it on our hard drive, but not before ensuring that our equipment meets the minimum requirements that this requires. Then, after completing the copy of the necessary files on the hard disk, the program automatically enters the configuration phase of the speech system through a wizard that will guide us step by step in this task. But some time you face problem in installation, in such case you can call at our IBM ViaVoice support number 1-800-546-2309

Step to install IBM ViaVoice:

First, it will ask for our user name, after which, the assistant will create several personal speech files in which ViaVoice Pro will continuously store all the information collected from our voice model to ensure continuous improvement in recognition, and will associate them with our username. In the case that several people are going to use the program, it is important that each of them have their own username, since otherwise the personal speech files would be damaged, causing recognition problems. Next, the assistant will proceed to the configuration of the microphone and the audio system, for which we will have to read a brief text, after which the program will analyze the environmental noise, to isolate it from the user's voice and show the quality level of the user. Audio of our team, so it is also convenient to create different voice models if the program will be used in different places or stays. Then, we must read a paragraph between 10 and 30 minutes long for the program to proceed with the creation of the first personal voice model. To end, the program will proceed to the analysis of the written documents that we can have in the team to determine our writing style and recognize words and phrases that, for our work, we will use frequently. With this last step, the acknowledgment of our voice concludes and we can begin to use the program immediately, although we can redo the previous steps at any time, if the recognition of our voice is not effective, although it is necessary to take into account that the Recognition quality will automatically increase with normal use of the program.

During this process if you undergo any error which you feel that you cannot handle then call at our IBM ViaVoice customer service and get the solution.

More detail about software:

During our tests, the effectiveness and speed in the recognition were very high, although it should be noted that it is very important to maintain a clear pronunciation at all times to avoid mistakes, in addition to being careful to stop recording when we have finished dictation, otherwise, the program will continuously process all the sounds that the microphone picks up.
Finally, it should be noted that along with the CD-ROM containing the program, a microphone with noise cancellation and headset is delivered, an explanatory brochure for the correct placement of the same, an adapter to connect the microphone to the USB port of the team, a complete user guide and a reference card, which explains all the commands that we can use.
It is, in short, a highly recommended product for users, domestic or professional, who need to create a large number of written documents, with the only drawback of the need for a long period of adaptation.

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