Run your Computer Smoothly through Net Protector Antivirus

Are you looking for the best way to enhance the functionality of your computer? If your answer is in yes, then it’s a right time to install Net Protector Antivirus. It defends your office Network from all virus, worm and spyware attacks and keeps your business lifeline, the network and PCs, running smooth and secure. It is content security software for the corporate mail server, to scan emails, attachment files and web pages on a real time basis. Net protector antivirus protects your computer or laptops against all type of viruses, worms, spyware and other harmful programs.

Net Protector Antivirus incorporates a very strong Anti -Virus and Internet Security to protect your home PC from all such attacks and threats. So that installs net protector and uses your PC for connecting to various devices safely. Your PC remains protected from these latest new virus sources, spyware, malwares, worms and other harmful online frauds. This antivirus software is enterprises wide anti- virus software that scans the local and network drives for viruses, internet security and clean them.

Net Protector Antivirus manages security of all servers or Desktop and control or modifies the client’s settings. It incorporates a very strong anti-virus and internet security to defend your home PC from all such attacks and threats.

Features of Net Protector Antivirus:

• Real-time protection.

• Email protection.

• Automatic and centralized daily updates.

• Update and upgrade.

• Light weight software.

• Complete internet protection and security.

• Automatic files infection removal.

• Powerful scanning engine.

• Protection from all sources.

• Remote view and control of client PC.

• Browsing protection.

Net Protector AntivirusInstallation:

By following these steps, you can complete Net Protector AntivirusInstallation:

1. Insert Net Protector total security CD in the CD-ROM.

2. Click on “Install Net Protector” button.

3. Click on “Install” button to start installation process

4. If Auto run menu does not open. Then Browse installation CD.

5. Download Net Protector, if installation CD is not available or CD-ROM not available.

6. Start the Installation of Net Protector on server PC.

7. Registration Wizard.

8. Active wizard

Net Protector AntivirusUninstallation:

1. Click start

2. Open control panel

3. Click uninstall

4. Go to the system tray and exit Net Protector Antivirus.

5. Right click on the Net Protector and select uninstall

6. Click yes, then click no, and after this click ok.

7. Done! You just Uninstalled Net Protector Antivirus.

Net Protector AntivirusUpdate:

1. Download the latest update file.

2. Copy the file to you pen drive or CD etc.

3. Run the file on Net Protector Antivirus PC without internet connection.

4. The utility will locate and update the antivirus.

Customer Support

Net Protector Antivirus, manages all your computer, laptops, file server, mobile device, from a single management console.Customer support offered by means of email, phone, and through other online assets. Users can get their problems resolved easily with the customer support service number, whenever they have any issues with Net Protector Antivirus. Users speak directly to customer support representative over the phone, with the live chat support, email etc. people can take net protector customer support via service helpline number, contact number, customer support number anytime whenever is required.

Customer Service

Net Protector Antivirus is great performing anti- virus suit that doesn’t moderate performance. It provides a fast and efficient solution of the issues, with the help of customer service number users can easily solve their problems. Through these net protector services users can easily share their issues/ queries with them, and net protector experts try to resolve all causes quickly.


Net Protector Antivirus helps to protect again drive- by download attacks and various memories techniques used is an exploit. Net protector antivirus has qualified team of experts to find solutions of the Users problems. They have the team of experienced who have successfully trained and highly skilled in handling and fixing all the net protector antivirus issues.

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