Give Premium Protection to your Computer through Paretologic plus Antivirus

If you are looking for the ways to give proper protection to your computer then install Paretologic plus antivirus as soon as possible. It provides premium protection for your computer. This powerful program detects and eliminates viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware, rootkits and many more malware types. Not only that, but antivirus plus protect your PC without slowing it down. The software will also warn you and block malware- related websites and protects against drive –by- downloads.

Paretologic plus antivirus features customizable scanning as well as free database updates to keep you protected against the latest threats. It not only scans your system for malicious program, but also keeps would be attackers at bay by blocking known malware –infected websites and preventing unwanted downloads. This software product will offer high class protection against a wide range of internet threats. It advanced scanning and cleaning engine tirelessly searches your PC for spyware, viruses, and other malware.


 Advanced detection.

 Far better use of resources.

 Powerful antivirus to detect viruses, worms and threats.

 Keep your date safe and secure by privacy control.

 Real time protection.

 Protection again unknown threats.

 Safe computer work.

 Addition to basic virus blocking and removal.

Antivirus installation

With the help of these steps complete the Paretologic plus antivirus Installation:

1. Installation paretologic plus antivirus using active directory server.

2. Select ‘Default’ and then select ‘Next’ to move on.

3. Installer is now ready to start’ click “install” to begin.

4. Wait until installation is completed.

5. You can now select “finish” to finalize the installation.

6. Install and run the antivirus software.


1. Click the “start button” then expand the “Programs” or “all programs” menu to locate the paretologic folder.

2. Click on the “uninstall anti- virus” item to begin the uninstallation of the paretologic antivirus software. If the program is currently running, you will be asked if you want to stop it, click yes.

3. Open window explorer by selecting the “computer” or “my computer” option from the start menu or navigate to the hard drive that you installed paretologic on, expand the “program files” folder, and delete the “paretologic” folder if it still exists.

4. Navigate to the “program data” folder and delete the “paretologic” folder there as well if one exits. Close window explorer.

5. Open the start menu again and expand the “program” or “all program” menu. Expand the “accessories” menu, then contained inside. Click on the “scheduled tasks” or “task schedule” item to launch the windows task scheduler.

6. Click the “paretologic registration” item in the Task Scheduler. Press the “Del” key or click on the “Delete this item” option from the menu on the left in order to remove the paretologic task that will cause errors once the program has been uninstalled.

Customer Support

Paretologic plus antivirus support their user for solving the problems, with the help of customer support number. It is very special antivirus software which offers very good protection against malicious programs. Our experts always try to help you find the information and solution for what you are looking for, and resolve all problems regarding paretologic plus antivirus. They also provide customer support number to get the immediate guidance to activate and install the program.

Customer Service

Paretologic plus antivirus, it provide service to their users, through the services users can easily share their issues/queries with the help of customer service number, helpline number, live chat, etc. just call our experienced and well trained experts to resolving their issues as quick as possible. Paretologic anti-virus has a great detection and removal capabilities.


Paretologic plus antivirus is help to use to find and remove malicious software that has been installed on your computer. It helps to detect and neutralize virus attacks, Trojans, worms and other types of malicious software.

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