Make your Computer New by Enhancing its Functionality through Rising Antivirus

Looking for the program by which you can enhance the performance of your system? If you want to say yes, then don’t go anywhere and purchase this Rising Antivirus as soon as possible.

This program protects your computer against all types of viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malicious program. It removes common viruses and malware from personal or business computers. You can adjust Rising Antivirus according to your needs by adding or removing components, or reinstalling components to repair the system. This antivirus provides real- time system monitoring and protection against a wide variety of cyber threats.

Rising antivirus program is to keep your computer free from viruses and other malware. The program setting can be protected with either a password of your choosing or with an authentication code that you must enter before making changes. Rising antivirus offers the standard three antivirus scanning options: Quick scan, complete scan, and custom scan.

Rising Antivirus free edition is a solution with no cost to personal users for home and noncommercial use. This software company that produce anti-virus software, firewall, and spam – blocking products.It helps to scans active processes, and remove malicious process found in memory.

Features of Rising Antivirus:

• Initial Scan Speed.

• Active Defense Technology.

• Patented Fully Automatic smart Update.

• Application Protection.

• Program Startup control.

• Computer Security Check.

• Malicious Behavior Detection.

• Can Run a Quick or Full Virus Scan.

• Secret Process Detection.

• High-speed update service.

Antivirus Installation

For completing Rising Antivirus Installation follow these essential steps:

1. Make sure your computer meets the system for rising antivirus.

2. To start, the installation, locate and click the link to download the application installer.

3. Save the installer file on your computer.

4. Once download, run the installer.

5. Wait until installation is completed.

6. The rising antivirus application has been successfully installed on your pc.

7. Click the close the button top close the wizard.

Uninstallation of Rising Antivirus:

1. Turn off rising antivirus

2. Uninstall rising antivirus

3. Head to start > control panel> programs and click the uninstall program link.

4. Scroll through to select rising antivirus from the list, and click uninstall button.

5. Make sure to choose uninstall option, and click on next to start the uninstall.

6. Check the box saying keep user setting file, and click on next button.

7. Check the box saying delete installation directory and click finish button.

8. Delete associated leftover.

9. Uninstallation complete successfully.

Customer service

Rising antivirus provide service to their user for solving issues/ queries. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of rising antivirus. Customer support providesfast and efficient solutions to the question and all the issues. It’s a good antivirus program, still some time you may feel some difficulty with in that you must need the rising antivirus experts to solve them. There, the team of expert will help to obtain the best result to their Users. It gives premium protection for the users from all types of viruses and other malicious programs. They also verify that the software is compatible with your system, and will optimize your firewall and schedule adware scans, spyware and automated virus.

Customer support

Rising antivirus support offers you basis with a workforce a certified experts. They assist you to upgrade the outdated version of antivirus and make sure that you get enhanced protection against spyware, worms, key loggers, and other harmful frauds. It also provides customer support number, customer service number, and helpline number to get immediate guidance from the experts. Rising antivirus offers you qualified team of experts to provide immediate and effective solutions to the cause.


Rising antivirus help you to perform online scans on all the affected areas including email attachment, download file to detect, and remove the malicious programs from your PC. The team of expert will help to obtain the best result and give fully satisfaction to them.

For more details as well as Rising Antivirus Update, dial the contact numberto get proper knowledge.

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