Removes Internet Worms through Solo Antivirus

Are you thinking that how to protect your system from internet worms? If yes, then install Solo Antivirus quickly. This product is very special effective and fastest antivirus software available in the market today, It gives a best result to their Users. It also easily and effectively removes all existing internet worms, file infecting virus, adware, Trojans, spyware, Backdoors programs, java script, malicious, root-kits, file infecting viruses and micro viruses.

Solo Antivirus provide efficient and permanent solutions for all types of virus’s problem. This antivirus provides a security against new and unknown threats. It helps to scans active processes, and removes malicious process found in memory. Solo Antivirus software complete antivirus program, it not only scans the disk for viruses and other malware, but also check the overall integrity of the computer’s system.

Solo Antivirus software is completely tested and it meets the global standard. It help multiple infection to be cleaned at one time- it saves the scanning time.


• Automatic update facility available.

• Anti-spyware detection available

• User friendly and effective resources management.

• Provides protection with the harmful program.

• Virus independent – protects against future virus

• Protection against Browser Exploits

• Secure network

• Protecting your computer system device, from potential threats.

• Solo system integrity checker to stop new viruses and spyware.

• Improve your computer’s efficiency through prevention maintenance.

Antivirus Installation:

Some necessary steps for Solo Antivirus Installation:

1. Install by running the setup with”antivirusname.exe” installation file by double clicking over it.

2. After this a pop screen will appear and ask for user account authorization, you need to click on “yes” which will take you to antivirus setup screen.

3. Click “next’ and the installation wizard will then guide you through the rest of the installation process.

4. Thereafter, a License agreement screen will appear where you will be asked to read about the minimum system requirements and then confirm that you to agree to the end-user license condition.

5. To continue, the user need to select “I accepted the agreement” which will activate the “next” button for further steps.

6. Now the steps is ready to install the antivirus software. You need to click on “install” to start the install process.

7. Thereafter, you will see the installation progress in the form of green progression bar. After the green bar is completed, the installation progress is successfully completed and ensure you with the “finish” setup wizard.

8. As you click on “Finish” to complete the process, the installation part is completed.


If you wish to get effective working then Solo Antivirus Update is essential. Click mouse right button on the scheduler icon and select “Configure scheduler”. Scheduler icon will be there in the system tray near to the click icon. Click “update now” button to download latest file. You must have active internet connection for this.

You can download and install the update file from link by installing this update, solo antivirus can protect your system from the latest viruses.

Customer Support

Solo Antivirus manages all your computer, laptops, file server, mobile device, from a single management console. Customer support that assists valuable users when customer support via service helpline number, contact number, customer service number, customer service support number, any time whenever the required. Users can get their problems resolved with customers support expert, they give full support to their users and solve all problems easily and quickly, and provide fully satisfaction to their users.

Customer Services

Solo Antivirus is provide a protection your PC from both the virus and potentially unwanted software. In this chat system also provided for solving the problems, user can easily share their issues with them. This Antivirus always active to receive your queries and resolve them. It also provide a full protection to your computer, laptops. Solo Antivirus provides a various services to their users, through customer service number users can solve their issue easily.

For removing Errors, you can take proper help by dialing customer support number.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-546-2309 for any help

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