Resolve your Virus Issues through Sophos Antivirus

Are you finding the ways that protect your reliable data from virus attacks If yes, then without any second thought in mind, install the Sophos Antivirus in your computer. It is popular and well respected antivirus software of the windows. It has some Headquarters like Abingdon, Oxford shire, England (UK). It is available as both a free and paid –for application, and is usually considered to be good at identify viruses on your system. It is the virus protection software recommended by MIT. Sophos is really a security software and hardware company. This software detects and clean up viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted application.

Features of Sophos Antivirus:

• Continuously scans and notifies you of threats.

• Clean up threats

• Protects your data by disallowing harmful software to be downloaded.

• Updates regularly, no need to be on campus.

• Complete control.

• Simple security for your business

• Flexible licensing and deployment.

Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security and unified threat management whilst not a primary focus, Sophos also protects home users, through free antivirus software intended to demonstrate product functionality. Sophos has a long been a leader in securing some of the most – recognizable businesses around the world. Some causes are also arise; these issues happen because of the corrupted files or remnants from previous installation of Sophos Home or other antivirus programs.

Antivirus installation

There are some essential steps for antivirus installation such as:

1. Run the “Sophos endpoint Security and control” installation program (e.g. the downloaded program in hku portal).

2. The following windows will appear .click OK to continue.

3. The Sophos Endpoint Security and control will be automatically installed. The following windows will appear .please do not close the windows until the installation is completed.

4. After successful installation, you will see the icon at the right of your windows taskbar. Please wait for two minutes before reboot the PC to let computer to complete install and upgrade the SAV program.

There are some errors that you may face at the time of installation such as:

These errors/issues normally happen:

1. The Sophos Administration group does not exist.

2. The pre-windows 2000 value of the Sophos administration group is not Sophos administrator.

3. If the uninstalling user is a Domain User and the Domain controller cannot be accessed.

4. On the Domain controller, the Sophos administration group is the wrong scope. For example, Global group rather than Domain local.


Some update regarding Sophos Antivirus:

1. Locate the Sophos anti-virus icon in the OS X menu bar.

2. Right click (command + click) on the Sophos Anti-Virus icon and select update now.

3. A Window detailing the progress of the update will be displayed.

4. When the Windows displays the message, “Sophos Anti-Virus is up to date “you may close the window.


Sophos manages all your computer, laptops, mobile device, and file server from a single management console. We provide administration with an easy to understand and effective dashboard that summarizes protection status of both windows and Mac computer and present threats. The personal firewall engine on the company took over as the basis of company’s products and therefore it was built-into several other firms security solutions.

Customer services

Sophos Anti-virus customer service can be accessible through Sophos anti-virus online chat or phone calls. The expert techniques are available on their Sophos anti-virus support numbers. One can also get the solution of their query via email as well as the customer service number. Through these customer services all problems must be easily solved.

Customer support

Sophos offers excellent customer support to its precious user’s. The techniques are highly skilled and experienced in the same field. Customer support that assist valuable users when they face issues regarding this software Application. People can take Sophos antivirus customer support number via service helpline number, contact number, customer service number, support number anytime whenever the required.

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