Explore a perfect recovery tool for windows:-

Many a times after formatting or using an antivirus there are chances for your documents and files to get dislocated. This really becomes a headache for the techies. For them something quite innovative and excellent is now available in the market. This is the system restore working as a recovery tool designed for windows. It functions to reverse certain kinds of changes that are made to the operating system. Further in details, it is going to revert the important window files and even those settings (drivers, registry keys, installed programs, system files) back to the previous version.

What it does:-
The system restore monitors process for the system and this is possible with the utility creating the restore points once a day by default. With this it is automatically going to trigger the creation of restore points for:-

Software and new hardware driver's installation.
Updating the drivers of hardware.
Manually creating the restore points.

This is completely done by the snap shots been taken when the installation is under process. More over it is necessary to remember that the system restore can disable your system due to lack of disc space. For this tool to run properly there is requirement of 300 MB of free space. With this the system restore is going to run with perfection by re- enabling itself.

Creating the restore point;- The restore point is created with:-

Every single installment of the new software.
Before updating and installation of the device driver.

To create these kinds of restore points, it is necessary to make changes to the system settings and even when the windows do not start. But the important fact about the system restore is, this do not replace the process of uninstallation of the program.

How is system restore fatal to my apps:-
While you are restoring your PC to the previous version and have installed any of the application after that. Then you have chances that the point will get uninstalled. This is because these apps were installed when the restore point was created. But at the same time, the apps that are uninstalled after making the restore point is going to get restore but with a big caution.

Even the window is going to let you see what programs are going to get affected and when it is necessary to go through the process. It is very much important to create manual restore points before taking on any big installation or changes to the setting. This will help with making you revert to any and very recent restore points when you need it.

Impact of system restore for malware cleaning:-
This might be the most probable query in the mind of every techie that if system restore is going to help with removal or malware or not. So the clear answer is, the system restore has nothing to do with the malware cleaning as it's the job of antivirus. These malwares are deep hidden in files and software of the system where as the system restore is going to just work with the recovery process.

Is it the ultimate solution:-
As being a tool, there is probability of showing errors. The system restore is reliable tool for recovery but still the following can't be taken always into granted. This is one of the best tools from Microsoft that comes for recovery of deleted files. Even this is used to help the users remove the programs that they find are interfering with the operating process of the computer.

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