Boost up the Functionality of your Computer through Trustport Antivirus

If you want to enhance the functionality of your computer then install TrustPort Antivirus in your computer. It is a great antivirus protection against all viruses, adware, rootkits, worms and spyware for your windows. It provides you the list of best antivirus software that can keep your personal information safe even under constant attack from all directions. This antivirus has a strong series of proactive tools to keep you safe online. It includes powerful tools for a truly complex security of network and data towards your computer system.

TrustPort antivirus is a procedure of software solutions for secure communication and reliable data protection. TrustPort products are characterized by a comprehensive approach to security of both computers and computer network, protecting against known threats, while effectively facing new dangerous. They have several security areas including antivirus technology, antispam method, and encryption technology.

Features of TrustPort Antivirus:

• Automated updates.

• Scanning of any computer.

• Parental control.

• Real time web analysis.

• Easy and Advanced antivirus software.

• Antivirus and antispyware.

• Permanent protection from media.

Antivirus installation

ForTrustPort Antivirus Installation,follow these essential steps:

1. Run the installation program.

2. Download from the internet or provided on a compact disk.

3. Program is designed so that even less experienced users can complete installation without problems.

4. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

5. Once the installation has finished you will be prompted to either register the product or to run in trial mode.

6. If you choose register the product, a registration wizard will be automatically started, guiding you through the registration process.

7. If you choose close the wizard, the software will be run as a trial version.

8. After installation complete successfully, reboot your system and restart again.

9. Install and run the software.

Customer Support

Trustport Antivirusprovides a full support to their users for solving their issues, with the help of customer support number. It is very special antivirus software which offers very good protection against malicious programs. They also provide customer support number to get the immediate guidance to active and install the program. Trustport antivirus have a first responsibility is to care of their computer like our own.

Customer Service

Trustport Antivirus manages your entire computer, laptops file server from a single management console. It provides a fast and efficient solution of the issues, with the help of customer service number user can easily solve their problem. They have well trained and experienced experts to resolving their issues in an efficient and optimal way. This antivirus include contact number, customer service number, helpline number, so you can talk with someone whenever you required, through this you share their issues easily with them and they always try to find out the efficient solution of the users problems.


1. Trustport antivirus for updating first you start up the “Control Panel”.

2. To update the program simply click the “update now” option in the lower “updates” section of the window.

3. Be assured that something is happening;trust port will inform you when it’s finished on selected updates or just silently install.

4. Once this is finished the program may ask your permission to restart the computer.

5. As with before, simply close/save all open programs and documents and select “Finish”.

6. Remember, you can always check whether your software is up-to-date by starting up the control panel and looking at the information in the “update” section of the control panel.


Trustport antivirus is really a powerful antivirus which can protect your system from malware, viruses, and spyware. It provides better customer service to their users. It helps to provide effective protection at all entry points against malicious software and online threats. It also helps you to avoid the threat of being infected by viruses carried on memory device.

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