Printer Problems: Xerox Phaser Error Code 20 Causes and Solutions

What is error 20 in Xerox Phaser?

Error 20 is an error code on Xerox laser printers that indicates damage to the internal hardware. This printer problem usually occurs after the installation of new parts or supplies. It means that the installation was not done correctly or that a part is already worn and should be replaced. This is what you should do when Error Code 20 appears on the Xerox Phaser 6500.

What are the causes of error 20?

There are several reasons for this printer error to occur. It probably has something to do with one or two of the interior or replacement supplies, including the toner cartridge, the image drum unit, the precision rollers, the transfer kit, and the main load grid.

How to fix the error of the printer 20?

Toner cartridge
when this error code appears, the first thing to verify is the toner level. It may be too low to print with consistency that requires replacement. If you have replaced the toner cartridge and the error persists, reinstall it. Turn off the printer and wait a few seconds before turning it back on. Or you can call also at our Xerox printer support to solve this type of issue.

Drum unit image
in most cases, this error code serves as a warning that the drum unit has already reached the end of its life cycle. The drum unit contains more toner than cartridges, so when it runs out, change it immediately to continue printing. If the drum unit still has enough supply or is new, try removing it and reinstalling it. Make sure it is secured in place. Turn off the printer for a few seconds and then turn it on again. Our Xerox printer support is toll free number where our expert give you best solution.

Transfer tape
The transfer kit is a sensitive and vital part of the printer. When worn, it is recommended to replace it before continuing with printing. The transfer kit, if it is not replaced, causes much more damage to the printer. Turn off and unplug the printer and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Open the front cover and push the lever that locks the transfer belt and lift it gently to remove it. Lift it gently on the side and slide it gently to remove it completely. Replace the transfer belt with the new one. Be sure to lock it securely before replacing the lid. Plug in and turn on the printer. So get in touch with our Xerox printer support and get the solution for Xerox printer issues.

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