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Zone Alarm Antivirus is an internet security software company that provides consumer antivirus and firewall products, it include an inbound intrusion detection system as well as the ability to control which programs can create outbound connections. It protects your PC from ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other cyber threats with our advanced security software products. Our products include powerful antivirus protection software from PC and antivirus apps for mobile device, spyware removal, firewall, browser security and more.

Zone Alarm Antivirus protects your Window PC from unknown virus and firewall threats, by analyzing suspicious files in the cloud before they can harm your computer. It is the ultimate solution for internet security, firewall protection and an advanced antivirus filtering. Our internet security tools are designed with people’s cyber safety in mind. Provide virus protection that encompasses spyware, malware, hackers, phishing websites, and other cyber-attacks.

FeaturesZone Alarm Antivirus:

• Browser protection.

• Data backup and data protection.

• Multiple protection layers.

• Real- time virus protection.

• Advanced anti- phishing protection.

• Keep your PC clean from malware.

Antivirus installation and uninstallation

Some steps for Zone Alarm AntivirusInstallation:

1. To begin the installation of your paid or trial Zone Alarm product double click or right click on the installation program and select Open.

2. Window UAC will prompt you to allow the program to run, click YES.

3. Click QUICK INSTALL to begin the installation process.

4. When the End –User License agreement is displayed, some version of Zone Alarm will have the option to not install the anti-phishing browser extension for chrome browser installed you will not have this option.

5. Click AGREE to continue.

6. Zone Alarm will download all the files that are needed for your version of windows and then will begin to install those files. This process can take some time so please be patient.

7. When the installation is successfully you can click the FINISH button.

8. If you downloaded Zone Alarm and have not inputtedyour license key or don’t have a license your software will be in trial mode as indicated in the lower right of the main screen of Zone Alarm.

9. If you have purchased a license key please proceed to next steps for activating your software with the license. You will need a copy of your license to continue.

10. Select ENTER LICENSE from the drop down menu.

11. Copy and paste your license into the field provided. Don’t attempt typing the license in. that will result in an invalid license response.

12. Click the OK button to continue.

13. When the license is accepted successfully, the license message will indicate your protection is valid.

14. The number of days displayed depends on your individual license purchased and if it been activated already or not.

15. Your installation is complete successfully.


If you face any error then uninstall this software through these steps:

1. Open the programs section of the windows control panel.

2. Select the Zone Alarm Antivirus and click uninstall.

3. Follow the uninstall wizard steps.

4. Do the steps above for Zone security toolbar.

5. Done! You just uninstalled Zone Alarm Antivirus.

Customer support

Zone Alarm Antivirus manages all your computer, laptops, and file server, from a single management console. Users can get their problems resolved offered by means of email, contact number, and through other online assets. Zone Alarm Antivirus provides global support to their users, which ensure that the system remains safe.

Customer service

Zone Alarm Antivirus provides best services to their users, for solving the problems and issues, it keep running out of sight and you scarcely know it’s there unless there’s a risk. It runs very smoothly and quickly, to get to most out of this software it is essential to be connected to the corporate networks at all time.

You can dial customer service number for getting complete knowledge about antivirus updates.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-546-2309 for any help

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